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Hacienda Muñoz        


The Hacienda Muñoz is located in the mountains of San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico. This coffee farm is owned by Hector Muñoz, who is the master roaster of the Hacienda, a Certified Coffee Taster by SCA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) and an avid entrepreneur who has a great team of coffee connoisseurs working alongside. He dedicates most of his time cultivating, caring and also teaching how to grow coffee trees to whomever is interested. Everyone who works at the Hacienda Muñoz welcomes visitors with a friendly smile and talks passionately and genuinely about their coffee, making everyone feel at home. You can sit outdoors, look out at the farm and enjoy a cup of coffee. Most likely, you will spot Isabela, the farm donkey, or the beautiful peacocks with their majestic feathers. The presence of roaming roosters and chickens remind you that you are in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by peace and nature. (See more pics.)

The Hacienda Muñoz has dedicated the majority of its land to the cultivation of coffee, counting with more than 4,000 cultivated trees and its coffee roasting plant. With advanced and efficient roasting techniques, this Hacienda offers to the island of Puerto Rico and all customers different alternatives of coffee to bring to your table. At the Hacienda Muñoz, they feel a commitment to the education of the coffee history in Puerto Rico. They offer a tour of their hacienda, where you will learn about the cultivation, care, harvesting, roasting and packing of their coffee. They also have two restaurants inside the Hacienda as well as Doppio, the coffee bar, where you can stop by for a fresh cup of coffee at any time of the day.


In Sr. Muñoz own words: “ These are all the different types of innovative roasts that we do at Hacienda Muñoz. This is our specialty here, to roast the coffee in a way where we convey a bit of art, bit of chemistry and a bit of physics. ”   

Best Coffee – People’s Choice Award @ Coffee & Chocolate Expo, Puerto Rico 2016 & 2017

sr munoz

Sr. Muñoz, owner of Hacienda Muñoz.



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