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blog café don ruiz – best coffee shop 10 Best Coffee Shops in Puerto Rico, Conde Nast Traveler 2019 the idea I found myself in Los Angeles, missing that sweet and comforting taste of home I could only find in a cup of coffee from Puerto Rico. Whenever I gave Puerto Rican coffee as a…

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Puerto Rico Coffee History


Did you know?  Puerto Rico’s coffee history goes back to late 18th to 19th century, when one of the island’s biggest industry was the production and exportation of coffee to Europe. It was considered one of the finest coffee around the world. The story goes that even the Pope bent some rules and changed the…

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Learn About the Haciendas

Café Don Ruiz          Café Don Ruiz began with Eugenio Ruiz – “Don Ruiz,” who believed  in Puerto Rico as one of the world’s best coffee destinations and started cultivating coffee following his grandfather’s coffee passion by the end of 1800s in Yauco, which is the most famous coffee region in the southwestern…

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