About Us

About Us

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Lisette Medina found herself in Los Angeles, missing that sweet and comforting taste of home she could only find in a cup of coffee from Puerto Rico. Whenever she gave Puerto Rican coffee as a Thank You present, the feedback was always: “Where can I get more?”. So, Lisette went back to the island in search of the best specialty coffees from the coffee haciendas who are committed to cultivating high quality 100% arábica beans with great effort and care. A Cup of Puerto Rico, LLC is born out of the genuine desire to share Puerto Rico’s finest specialty coffees with the rest of the world. It’s one of the islands hidden gems, rarely exported nowadays. We suspect you will love the taste and come back for more.    


A Cup Of Puerto Rico, LLC is committed to bring to our customers an exclusive and carefully picked selection of Puerto Rican specialty coffee brands that excel the standards of any coffee around the world. Puerto Rico coffee history dates back to the 1800’s, when it became a major export to Europe. Puerto Rico developed into one of the world’s most important producers of fine coffee. Today, old family-owned haciendas and new micro-farms continue to cultivate delicious coffee. Ideal coffee-growing climate in the mountains of the island makes our specialty coffee one of a kind. We are excited to invite you to explore, smell and taste A Cup of Puerto Rico.
“ Sip back & relax … island mode. ”


We are proud to import to the US high quality 100% arábica coffee directly from the mountains of Puerto Rico. We have exclusive deals with coffee farms that produce high quality specialty coffee in innovative ways.